Monday, February 22, 2010


Call/Don't call

Talk/Don't talk

Fix/Don't fix






Look me in the eye

Don't shy away or crumble under your own fear and discomfort but instead look me dead in the eye and read my soul

This is all I can offer you

Burnt sepia orbs relay images of my heart, mind… Spirit

I cannot convince you to see the purity of Love but will definitely show you the colour of honest emotion

It is transparent

Nothing can hide there

What you see is what you see is what you get is what you see

But you have to look sincerely and seek genuinely

I will no longer run after you because I shouldn't have to chase you

If you choose to disappear and hide then that is something that I will accept

If you stay then it should be your choice and I will respect

You have witnessed the emotion that sits painfully within the intonations of my voice

The question is always whether or not you will stand up and repair damage that is easily repaired

No record is kept of past suffering… at least not on my part and therefore no resentment is present

After this last time, I feel different

Don't get me wrong, nothing has changed on my part

No emotion has lessened, no thought changed

I am

Peaceful in the knowledge that I do Love and that I do forgive

In the knowledge that no task is ever to big and no fight ever too tough

I will do whatever you need me to and will not allow that to be lessened by my contemplations over whether or not you posses the same inhibitions

You have to want it as much as I


Even though it pains me to say it

If you refuse to look me dead in the eye and explore this

It is your decision


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SOC said...

Damage is seldom easy to repair and it usually takes many many times longer to fix that it did to damage .