Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Show me your love in a single pale pink pearl for I have had diamonds before and while I had never experienced that kind of happiness before their transparency left me heartbroken, lonely and empty.
Drowning in it's reflective facia.
So, this time I will take the creamy beauty of a pale pink pearl for they do not grow effortlessly in amongst rock and stone
Amazing as diamonds may be in reality they are simply a rock.
But my pale pink pearl?
It is crafted purposefully.
A defence mechanism from unwanted parasites or dirt.
This is what I want my love to be.
Deliberate, protective, beautiful and timeless.
This is what I want. This is what I need.

1 comment:

SOC said...

I have always believed that everyone is made from dust and dirt. And given the right nurture we can grow into beautiful pearls of great price.

Love like a pearl? I will think on that. I am glad your pen bleeds once more.