Thursday, August 4, 2011

The only white boy involved

Now, I'm not one to go on rants aimed at the media and am even less of one to go on rants aimed at the media in reference to the death of a teen.
Today, I read the Daily Mail article about Nicholas Pearton and instantly felt angered.

It is very unfortunate and saddening that yet another young person has tragically and brutally lost their loves in this, our fair city but fuck you Daily Mail for using it as a means to further perpetrate the climate of fear that surrounds young black males.

After continually referring to the perpetrators as a "pack of animals" Daily Mail journalist Tom Kelly went on to make the wholly unnecessary statement that Nicholas was the "only white boy involved" as if his colour wasn't already obvious from the picture accompanying the article.

It would seem that ALL parties involved were gang members but his write up somehow seems to take the attention away from this piece of information and instead focuses it on the black gang members that were involved.

Honestly, you will hardly hear me beating the racial inequality, conspiracy theory drum but this time I felt it necessary.

My thoughts, feelings and prayers go out to Mr and Mrs Pearton.

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