Tuesday, August 23, 2011

She Said...

Young girl.
Just because he holds you while you sleep.
Or strokes your face while he kisses you softly.
Even if he tastes you without prompting or looks into your eyes while you make love slowly.
Just because he loves your family or lets you meet his.
Shares secrets of his past and allows you to wipe away his hard fallen tears.
He may cook for you, pay for you, drive or carry you, fight for you.
He may even hold your hand or rest his fingertips at the base of your spine to protect you.
Young girl you are too naïve.
Do not make the same mistake as I.
All of these things do not make him yours.
Your Love may cover him gently and he may call you when he is in need.
He may even say that you are perfect and that he loves you too.
Until he says that his heart belongs to you fully and openly offers commitment, he is still searching for the her that you are unable to be for him.

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SOC said...

This poem needs to be given to the London Underground as a poem of the month that would be promoted over the whole service. The number of tender young lives it would protect change and save would be immeasurable.