Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I should be responsible for your reputation?
Correcting the views of those that see something other than what you believe they should.
Not fully acknowledging that life has an impact on everyone and so, apparently, your excuses and explanations should disrespectfully, frustratingly be…
Lesson #1 – First impressions are lasting.
Remember this because your loosely flung accusations will only reach so far.
At some point all your bridges will be burned and you will be left to try and balance on the ridges of fallen river banks that sit underneath grey clouds.
Slip sliding into the never ending cycle of blame, self-pity and annoyance.
You did not look outside of your own, mostly self-created, problems and so when a sincere heart shared tragedy you looked on and then turned away.
Back to you.
Always back to you.
I wish you the best but will not be accused of creating your issues, simply because you suffer from paranoia.
Lesson #2 – You will only succeed as far as you are prepared to run.
Don’t worry… you are not the only one learning lessons.
I made mistakes too.
My lesson? In business, use grey logic, rather than a purple heart.

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