Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reflecting Pool.

On Monday I returned from a week in the amazing city of Douala, Cameroon and I fell in Love.
I am definitely one to miss everything and everyone that I hold dear in England but this time something felt different. 5 days in, I was asked whether I was ready to go home and my answer was an immediate "No". I had hardly even thought about anything outside of the task in hand and I felt very good for it.

I have been to Africa before (Ghana) and honestly had no idea that I would return to the continent and not want to leave.
The previous times that I had visited I was under the control of my parents and the trips were mostly about reconnecting with family. This time, though, it was all about business.
I was a grown up woman, in frickin Africa, working in a semi-glamorous capacity and I often found myself hypothesising about what my life could/would be if this was my permanent place of residence.
After a series of amazing experiences and successful meetings it looks like the possibility of visiting on a more regular basis could become my reality and I am humbled and grateful.

I have come back with a new energy, a stronger desire and feeling very blessed. I am in a very positive space and I realise just how trivial some of the things that I allow to trouble my spirit are.
If something or someone isn't able to contribute to my happiness then why exactly am I allowing them my time or energy? I either have to limit it or eliminate them.

Africa = A-Mazing. Frikin amazing.

I will take some time over the weekend to post up some pictures and narrative about our (I went with the beautiful Nadine Charles) time there.


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