Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fairy tales.

When she stopped trying to be all that he needed.
She looked around.
Put her ear to the ground and waited for the echo.
There was none.
The sound of missed time was replaced by his laughter with others.
His journey to fill the "she shaped" gaps was clearly fruitful.
She asked herself over and over again.
"Why do I want to share so much of my life with a man who would easily, maybe preferably share his with others"
He was her reflex.
When she heard about something he would enjoy, she would suggest attendance.
When she wanted quiet time, his was the energy she leaned towards.
Family events, friends parties.
Tables turned and he lived a life without her.
Pictures that reaffirmed her absence.
She tried to hold onto those empty images to make her strong enough to walk away but she missed him too much, kept reaching for something she'd never touch. Love merged into Lust and back.
Ipod on repeat, the same two tracks.
He assumed she always spoke her mind but could not begin to fathom just how much silence she carried around with her.
Secrets he would never openly tell her.
So she looked for them in his semi dilated pupils.
She would never call him a liar but knew he lived a life he would forever keep from her.
So she muted her heartbreak, dusted of her grazed knees and carried on.
Tucking pain in her back pocket, walking tall and being strong.

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