Monday, January 10, 2011

I guess this is what they call venting...

Words twist and the things I said to you exit you in a completely different order.
My one or two lines become paragraphs full of warnings, lies and fire stoking misconceptions.
I mean, I could understand if I actually confided in you like that, but let's look at facts...
We have minimal contact, outside of a favour that you asked of me.
In truth, I am amazed.
I mean, maybe you should take my place?
Stand in front of eager ears and manipulate lives with your "gift".
Stupidity must rule, or maybe its the need to be better than he because you actually thought that you would succeed?
Maybe he kept your secrets but I have nothing to hide and therefore expressed the things you had said which in turn resulted in his offer to the conversation.
I think that you must believe me to be as stupid as you... Maybe?
Well... I feel sorry for you.
You have many lessons to learn and there are a few that I will teach.
I just hope you're ready to receive.
Brace yourself now...
Just remember that your brought it on yourself.

Natalie Fiawoo ® Blogging on the go...

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SOC said...

i hope you forgave her. and diverted your energy into creating.