Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flash back to the future

You are so sexy.
Pupils dilate quickly as lust invades me.
I smile easily.
The thud thud of desire pounds relentlessly.
I focus on focusing but fail miserably.
This must be how it feels when drugs course through red hot blood.
I'm finding myself being more aware of my own body language and trying to cover any moments of the obvious up.
Attempting to reel my mind back, for it was lost long ago.
Tinsel tickles the pit of my stomach creating glittering strings that make me your temporary puppet.
Flash forwards of us.
Lust n' love and loving lust.
I am a willing participant.
My mind slowly peels back your layers revealing a treat at each new tier.
Sometimes sweet.
Sometimes sticky but each just as alluring as the last.
With outstretched arms I allow my fingertips to sink into your scent.
My palms to firmly grab your vulnerability.
My body to play catch up with your soul.
I'm pretty sure that I will never breathe normally again.
At least not when you're next to me.

Natalie Fiawoo ® Blogging on the go...

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SOC said...

i am Mouthless.