Thursday, August 12, 2010

Talk to em

I was at Chill Pill on tuesday ( a night hosted by Deanna Rodger and Raymond Antrobus) and managed to catch a brief 5mins with Kat Francois.
Somehow, our conversation went to babies... oh wait... lemme see if I can remember the path
Me looking tired -> Me working hard -> starting our own businesses -> Kat thinking about personal training -> some blank space I cannot remember and then BABIES.

She asked me how old I was (I think she was a little shocked) then she told me that I needed to start talking to my Ovaries.
She said that being 6yrs older than me, she does it all the time "It's alright my loves, I haven't forgotten about you" "I'm coming for you soon". Just to keep them warm for when she decides to have children.

Our conversation then moved onto a topic that we definitely tend to share similar views on...
The female poet and her singledom.

Ever noticed how male poets always have that faithful girlfriend/wife that follows and supports their journey, who will sacrifice, support and stroke the ego?

Ever noticed how the female poet has none of the above?

Hmmm... Maybe I better start whispering sweet nothings to my Ovaries... just in case.


Comfort | Art without Apology said...

LOVEiT! Kat and I had a similar conversation... but I'm yet to start one with my ovaries...I'm scared of what they might say back! LOL Great write up.

kat said...

Hey Natalie, you made me bust out laughing, yes I was impressed with your age, thought you were a bit younger as you have such a baby face! But that's a good thing.

Mmmmm I have to agree on the whole female poet singledom thing, it seems to be a quite prevalent, and I was so there for many years!

In the meantime yes please start talking to your eggs Comfort included,let them know that you have not forgotten them, your still young sis, so you got a step up on us crusty ones!

S.O.A.P said...

Thanks for taking the time to read ladies.

Re the Ovaries... Maybe once I slip over into the 30's I will start making weekly dates to remind them that they shouldn't give up hope...

Re the single thing... I don't even know... I have had men tell me before that they would not be happy if I was out at shows as much as I am (or was as my focus is shifting to a few other bits and pieces.)
Don't they know that amazing women can do it all? Cha...

ebele said...

Ovaries? What are those?

When I was active in the poetry scene, I moved through both statuses: single, not single. When I was with someone, they were actually in the arts themselves. That was my life back then, I lived/breathed poetry, so it's no surprise.

I don't know how or if it would have worked (out) if I'd been with someone who wasn't an artist or didn't have an appreciation of the arts. (though, ahem, relationships with said artists came and went).

I think for several male poets, it's either they have a supportive partner/girlfriend like you say (though I know one poet in particular who's partner was far from supportive) --- and/or they have a fanbase where females make up a generous part of it. I could be wrong. Maybe not.

S.O.A.P said...

Oh yes... I agree. Male poets do tend to have a loyal *cough* obsessive fanbase.

I have seen it with my own eyes, it's always very interesting.

I agree with needing to be with someone who is an artist (in some shape or form) or who has a strong appreciation for the arts (much the avail of my best friend, lol)

Kat... maybe you need to start "Speak to you Ovaries" sessions?