Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 2 & 3 and a little bit of 4

Ok... So I am gonna do a 2 (kinda 3) day catch up in one...
We all know I'm a rambler but I will try and keep it short.


AW10 Party shoot
The search for the location for the AW10 shoot isn't coming along so well... LOL... I am definitely out of my comfort zone but am soldiering on none the less. I sent over my first load of "ideas" and was given the gentle let down, It was a good start but too obvious... I will take it with a pinch of sugar and try and think outside of the box.
I have come up with a second lot of ideas (one of which is an old RED light house and the other is the Serpentine Pavilion... long shot maybe but hey... you never know if you don't ask) that I am going to send over today and see what becomes of it.
Any idea's or suggestion... please, please, please send em my way.
I'm looking for outdoorsy type spaces. My only brief was that a train/bus or tube might be good... or even a fire engine... vintage would be better and RED would be amazing.

Copy for the Facebook comp
This task is going a little bit better. After sending over my first suggestion which was a limerick I was advised that it was a little bit, shall we say, complicated. So, after sending over an addition 4, we are down to a single "rhymy thing" but, after a meeting with legal this morning I just have to tweak a little so that it falls in line with all things law-abiding.
The prizes in the competition include, at least 1 pair of shoes, at least 1 bag (leather I believe) some hosiery and possibly swimwear (all these things are, of course, subject to availability).
I will keep anyone who actually reads my blog posted on comp details so that you can enter.

I have also had a new task added to my list, the help come up with a name for the Red or Dead fragrance that is soon to come out... Apparently they have been looking for a the perfect name for a few months now (no pressure there ay?). It comes in a really pretty birdcage bottle that sits on a little (working) swing.

Anyways... I should stop typing before my update becomes an essay...
So... until tomorrow.


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