Friday, December 3, 2010

The next stage

Hi all,

So, as I am taking a loooooong, until further notice, break from performing it looks like I will be able to start filling my blog space a little more with gems of randomess for your pleasure? Gossip sessions? Night time writing fixes? Warped obssessed dislike? You get the picture.

I know that those that visit here, visit for different reasons and it seems as though more people read than comment, which is also fine, though feed back is always a good place to grow, learn and discuss.

Even though, to some, a poetry gig doesn't seem like much the whole process of writing new stuff, learning said new stuff, putting together sets and then spending hrs of the week at events can take a big chunk of my time and it means that the other things I am so desperately trying to complete seem to fall to the way side.

I am looking forward to the new freedom I will be afforded and I hope that you will Love me or Hate me as a result of anything that you read here.


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