Friday, December 3, 2010

Moths and Candy Floss

My fingertips become an hourglass as sand and time slip through easily.
I am just disappointed.
Spent and frustrated.
Head throbs constantly and black outs threaten me.
Dangling their dangerous carrot
Tempting me to lose sleep.
To not eat.
This amalgamation of Moths and Candy Floss invade my stomach.
The slow nicotine shadow of disconnection and resentment attempting to fill my lungs, quietly trying to pollute my blood stream.
I hold my breath but am unsure why.
Why do I fight the inevitable?
Why do I refuse to give up?
I saw a new side of you.
The side that had me running in an attempt to catch up.
The side that ignored and embarrassed me in front of those that already seek weakness in me.
You had “Fuck you” written all over your dilated pupils and each time I tried to talk to you I had to read those words over and over again.
You speak of the side of others that you refuse to put up with without realising that you have displayed the same to me.
Spreading gold, blue and green feathers and parading around in affirmation.
But I remain silent.
That place in me that forces me to speak has become stuck.
Hard lessons to learn.
Difficult actions to swallow.
Life moves easily for you as you have forced your skin to be thicker than mine.
So, tomorrow, when you are unable to find me.
You will not look for me but rather accept that I am gone and move on.

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