Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Innocence and youth must be scratched across my face embossed with permanent marker because history repeats itself.
This deep tissue misunderstanding.
Prevent the truth from crash landing and being absorbed into your first impression.
I do not intentionally misrepresent but somehow, the same conclusions are drawn again and again as he or she or they make assumptions about what or who I may be.
This record has been stuck for way too long, replaying tunes from a time when this wasn't the norm.
And it makes we wonder...
Is it the way I look or the way I act?
The latter would infact be an unacceptable fact as I will happily take credit for this hereditary, magical, fragility but to underestimate me mentally may very well be the thing you end up viewing most regrettably.
It is also the thing that I ponder upon most frustratingly.
Don't take my humility for weakness or my laid back attitude as an invitation for you to take the piss.
Suck happily on this naturally sweet demerara treat with the understanding that when treated flippantly bad things happen.
How about just being who you are whilst I do me?
No, best version imagery before falling prey to reality.
I feel my way through the pretence with relative ease.
I guess I'll just leave those that misunderstand to misjudge and underestimate me.
Makes it easier to be happy.

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