Monday, October 4, 2010

The last time I made this journey humiliation flushed my cheeks full of blood and I was reminded again of that thing I tend not to really think about too much.
Most of the time.
Maybe I brought in on myself by speaking it but deep in my stomach that feeling told me it would happen again and the words left my mouth before I could think about holding them in.
For the second time in a row my embarrassment was shared with complete strangers and I felt eyes burn holes into my sometimes fragile soul as I exited the lift.
On my first journey, uncouth drunkenness drew the attention away.
This time, I fought the lump in my throat.
This time, I had to push against the urge to just go home.
this time the sign
You're too fat to ride.

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GameTheory said...

I think people will refrain from commenting on this one for fear of hurting your feelings. Which is kinda silly given you're not too insecure to talk about your own body anyway.