Thursday, March 6, 2008

Tired of Standing Still

So, I’ve decided that this year, I’m gonna stop talking about it and start learning to be about it.

If I had to give a rough guesstimate, I figure that there are approx, oooh, shall we say, Eleventy Billion things that I want to achieve throughout the process of my short life and the longer I wait to get these things going, the more likely I am to run out of steam and just get lost in the occurances of everyday.

Now is the time to own all of the things that are special about me and try and get that perfect blend of humility and confidence because there is absolutely nothing wrong with me understanding that I am blessed with the ability to write my ass off, that I am a smart and perceptive woman and that I have a glittering energy. There is definitely nothing wrong with me being able to say in a clear, soothing voice “I am Special” because to put it bluntly, I am.

We were all entrusted with different characteristics, talents and abilities and it’s up to us to own and explore them. We were given them for a reason and I don’t know about you but I am really beginning to be filled with dread at the thought of me actually not being able to wake up and use any of the ones that are mine, because, as the saying goes "if you don't use it, it will be taken away".

I am extremely fortunate to travel in a circle that contains some of the most amazingly talented people that this town and even world has to offer. In them I find inspiration and encouragement, excitement and sanity. I was having a conversation with my Bestest friend Vanessa (otherwise known as Genius) the other day and we decided that being “regular” is just plain old boring. I mean, who would want to spend the rest of their life just plodding? Just living day to day, with nothing amazing to get excited about? Sure we may seem a bit weird to the majority of society but that’s not such a bad thing.

I mean, who seriously wants to be just like everyone else? Not I

We are quirky, odd, funny, intelligent and any other word that you feel is fitting to describe anything that goes against that normal grain of society.

I am tired of standing still and as a result am rejecting negativity and squeezing progression like the big cuddly Teddy bear that it is.

So, now that you have read this, what will you do? Embrace all the weird and wonderful things that swim within you, or “hide it under a bushel” until it’s taken away…


Gee said...

Tired of standin' still, huh? Well, I for one, can say, that the world won't stop when you do. So let its blessings engulf you and take you to new heights, challenge yourself to new risks and live with no remorse.

Mr. Devo is Black and Technicolored said...

I don't hide from anything, but I can be painfully "tomorrowist". Scruffs of necks and fire-lit cheeks spring to mind, i must do more to do my self justice.

Janella Page said...

love that phrase... 'glittering energy'