Wednesday, March 5, 2008


“There’s a Chemistry, Energy, our Synchronicity when we’re all alone, so don’t tell me you can’t see what I’m thinking of” Breathless by Corinne Bailey Rae

Chemistry can be a funny thing, but when it is properly reciprocated it becomes so tangible that it can almost be cut with the bluntest of knives and is definitely something that permeates into the atmosphere making it evident to all those who witness it.

It is what makes you forget good sense leaving you lost in the euphoria that surrounds it.
Everything else seems to fade to a blur when you are in the presence of pure, maybe even raw chemistry.

For the lucky people that are consumed by this, it seems to have that car crash quality and you find yourself swept away as this tide tugs at you, pulling you out further than you may want to go and you find yourself constantly making eye contact as both of your retinas sparkle with exquisite recognition and your pupils involuntarily dilate.
The energy created becomes exciting and electric and whatever is going on around you just doesn’t seem to matter.

Chemistry is what makes all good relationships last, it is what creates the butterflies, fluttering around in your stomach when you know you are going to see that person, even though you have seen them regularly for the past month, year or decade even.
It is what sends that current to all the important zones in and around your body when they hold your hand or touch the small of your back.

Have you ever noticed those times where no matter what you are doing be it sitting down to dinner or a movie, standing and watching a band or simply going to sleep, there always seems to be some kind of subconscious body contact with that person? Or how you seem to know what that person is saying from just the flicker in their eye? Maybe even how your decision to stay away from that certain person becomes inconsequential the minute your energy makes contact with theirs.

Yep, you guessed it, it’s that sweet, gorgeous, addictive Chemistry.

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Janella Page said... I agree with you 100%? Not sure. Is chemistry is different to lust? Dunno. They are both different to 'understanding' someone...