Monday, May 23, 2011

Why are you here?

You ever have one of those mornings where you wake up and feel unfulfilled?

I don’t if I am having a ‘moment’ because of my impending birthday or whether I am truly changing again as a person but I am unfulfilled.

Right now, there are so many holes in my life that the light is flooding in preventing me from sleeping.
I want to be happy with my lot and, to be honest, most days I am, but there are also these kinds of days.
The kinds of days where I am questioning everything and every one that is present in my life.

When I have these kinds of days I tend to pull back from everyone as I have a tendency to ask questions and make statements that hurt feelings and potentially do damage.
I have learnt that people don’t tend to like it when you say something that results in them having to examine themselves and for the most part, rather than learn from the experience (as I always try to) a lot of people will just allow a wall to be built as they “feel bad” and .

So, I will ask in a general sense.

Why are you in my life?
What is it that you take from me and what do you leave behind in return?
When you examine these reasons do you feel content or ashamed?


SOC said...

So far i have only given

SOC said...

oh by the way i think i know the answer to why you are in my life as in all honesty i am not in yours

SOC said...