Monday, March 5, 2012

Eye Spy

I see the father in you.
While it’s a shame that I can’t say that I see your father, I see one none the less.
It is quite obvious that his lack of presence hasn’t harmed what you will eventually be.
Don’t second guess it.
When the time comes you will be just fine.
Don’t second guess it.
I see the things you do in secrecy.
Experimenting quietly, away from prying eyes.
Allowing the curiosity loaded questions to become theory and then a practicality.
I remember the first time I saw you around a little one.
Embarrassed at funny faces and goo goo gaa gaa sounds.
Uncertain of whether you would know what to do.
How to hold them, whether you would be able to calm and soothe them.
Funny, as it seems that they soothed you.
Ironed out the creases of fear.
Would they be afraid of you, cry if you held them.
Could they love and accept you?
Awkwardness still present but not as fierce as it used to be.
So, don’t second guess it.
I see the father in you and when the time comes you will be just fine.

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